Catherine & Matt’s circuit of Love

Catherine & Matt met through there love of motorsport, at a rally in Yorkshire. There was a big achievement about to happen in Britain as some Irish boys were about to become British Rally Champions and Catherine was there to support the driver from her home town and Matt was there to support the navigator, his cousin!. There was plenty of eye contact all day and finally spoke at the winning celebration.

Matt’s proposal gets an A+ from us, after successfully competing in the Barbados Rally they both enjoyed a few days to take in the rest of the island, Matt took Catherine out on a boat to go snorkelling with giant turtles.

“While in the water, he was facing me asking me if I was enjoying it and he took a big dive down under the surface, coming up coughing and he dove down again. When he resurfaced he said “it’s very hard to get down on one knee in the ocean, Will you marry me?”

Their wedding was split in different legs, the ceremony in Finland in minus 34degree snow in a carved ice church just before they competed in the Artic Rally in Northern Lapland. They went alone and having just theirselves to concentrate on made it perfect for them.

The reception + Blessing was held back home in Bantry House, West Cork where they could be with the whole family. Live music was played during the reception with some champagne followed by their photo-shoot. The large chandelier , fires and candles were lit up which made for a perfect atmosphere.

.”As a kid I went to school with Sophie the owner and got to play there at times, it has beautiful large windows, decedent views and such a cozy vintage atmosphere. The lighting there was extraordinary for the photos.”

The larger reception was held in the Maritime Hotel in order for a traditional Irish bash with the rest of the relations and friends, they even had a Rally car bring them from Bantry House to the Maritime hotel and a slideshow of photos from their past adventures.

A beautiful flower bouquet was made by Hanna Heubach of Hanako flowers in Inchigeela, with beautiful colour blends, shape, perfume and originality Catherine would highly recommend Hanna as your wedding florist!.

Advice from Catherine & Matt

“Focus more on the two of you getting married, the actual marriage and not the song and dance extras- no one really notices if they are there or not, they just notice if they have fun. We can be very Irish in our way of ‘ what will the neighbours think’ that we forget what we think and like. Stop trying to please everyone, the moaners gonna moan anyway.”

“just go and do the extra-ordinary if it makes you happy”


“Definitely a good photographer, your photos are real little diamonds you are left with after the day. Plan an indoor venue with great lighting for the photos, let’s face it it’s Ireland. We loved our natural photos, moments captured of us genuinely laughing and tiny moments of looks and expressions that couldn’t be posed.”

“Don’t be put off by a winter wedding- we got amazing tones and shadows of light in the photos, better deals in hotels and people are busy in the summer.We worked online to design and order our invites and thank you cards as postcards, good saving.”


Photographer – Kate Bean Photography

Florist – Hanako Floral Studio

Reception + Blessing – Bantry House

Drinks reception/ dinner/ dancing – The maritime Hotel

Band – The Boogie Band

Hair – Mary Spillane in Image Hair Salon

Makeup – Grace O’Shea at Dollface Makeup

Singers/Musicians at Bantry House – Eohan McElhinney | John O’Sullivan | Niamh Crowley

Sweet things from – Organico Bantry + Lettercollum

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